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Integrity means consistently being honest and fair. There are many sign language agencies in the Southern New Jersey region but this is the only one whose name perfectly predicts the level of professionalism and service that will be provided. As a nationally certified ASL/English interpreter and consumer of interpreting services I have first-hand experience that Integrity Interpreting lives up to it's name. Integrity Interpreting is a company that you can trust.


Integrity Interpreting is a well-earned appropriate name for this agency. Rachel Matthews is an owner who has built a solid relationship with her interpreters, as well as her consumers and clients. There is always support and teamwork happening that makes Integrity a success. Rachel is very encouraging and communicative, and is extremely well organized and responsive to the needs of the Deaf and interpreting communities.

~~Integrity interpreter

Rachel Matthews has been a pleasure to work with. She is always a professional, even under pressure and exudes positivity in all things she does. I would recommend Rachel and Integrity Interpreting to anyone in need of Sign Language Services or consultation regarding the needs of the deaf community.

-Kathryn Accetti, Para-Plus Translations, Inc.

CART Services

CART is an acronym that stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation

Integrity Interpreting offers CART services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals

It is a speech-to-text interpreting service for anyone who needs communication access, for any important large audience, for having a record of proceedings, and more. CART also benefits people who have a hearing loss, are deafened or deaf, and many others due to different language and learning needs. Even with other technologies, captioning benefits all in any group who can read (e..g even with hearing aids, implants, and loops, captioning serves all). CART is also referred to as realtime captioning.